10 Make-Up Trends for Autumn 2019

When it comes to looking your eye-catching best, then making sure you make up is on trend will definitely raise your game. Here are ten makeup trends that you need to be wearing this autumn.

1. A Flush of Blush

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Chanel came out this year (Image 1) sporting the fresh faced beauty look, and this is largely in part to the hint of soft pink blush seen on their models. You want to achieve a sort of ‘outdoorsy’ look, and paired with some soft pink lips and delicate eyes, you will look stunning this autumn.

2. Winged Eyes

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Also when it comes to the eyes, then dragging out the eye shadow to give your eyes a pump is on trend this autumn. As with your eyeliner, you should use tape to make sure that your eyes get the perfect shape.

3. Neon Corners

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Neon seems to be making a comeback this autumn. Along with Neon heels for a pop of colour, dusting your corners with a dash of the same colour is right on trend. Rather than go the whole hog, a little in the corner paired with your smokey eyes looks amazing right now.

4. Smokey Bronze

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If you want a style that just shouts autumn, then this is it. Dark Copper tones on the eyes are definitely on trend this year, and gives you a great look. Smokey eyes are even more enhanced with a deeper colour like this.

5. Shimmery Gold

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If you really want to bring the bling this autumn then a touch of gold always brings class. Pair a brighter gold with a hint of dark smoke at the corners to make your eyes pop. Paired with chunky knitwear, you will look elegantly stylish this autumn.

6. Coloured Liner

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Another great way to add a pop of colour to your look this year, is with a coloured eyeliner. Whether it is full eye, top only, or bottom only as long as it is bright and bold, then you will really make a statement.

7. Cherry Red

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Whilst Cherry Red lips have been around since the year dot, the latest trend is to move that colour onto the eyes. It certainly will make them stand out, and looks great this autumn. Go for a cherry red eyeshadow, paired with a neon red eyeliner to really pop.

8. Light Brows

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While heavy eyebrows have been on trend for many years, this year, celebrities ahead of the game have stepped out with a lighter eye brow trend. Rihanna is just one of the many celebrities that has been seen with this look this autumn.

9. Lined Lips

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This nineties staple is back. But rather than the harsh lines that we used to see, you are looking for a more subtle blended line. Pick a liner that is one to two tones darker than your lippy and then smudge it in a little to blend it through creating a stunning look.

10. Matte Red Lips

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Now that the temperatures are not face-meltingly hot, then a great matte look on the lips will show you are ready to face autumn and that you are one well put together person.


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