About Us

At Cole Culture, our core values lie in producing timeless apparel. This offers you the opportunity to wear some of the finest styles from some of the most comprehensive stores. We design, manufacture and alongside sell complementing designs that we love.

We believe in blending modern and contemporary art with quality fabrics to produce exquisite and rich clothes for both worlds. While others may define fashion, we define the cosmopolitan lifestyle. Our range can seamlessly blend with the latest trends in men and women’s fashion. But it’s our approach to designing that really gives you a taste of what our world has to offer.



Any successful business has to have people that can make it work as a collective effort. At Cole Culture, we are represented by some of the most passionate and professional creatives in the clothing industry alongside marketing and retail enthusiasts.

Sam, Jannika and Hannah - 3 peas in a pod – the trio behind Cole Culture.

With our roots embedded in the USA, Germany, Spain and England, and graduates of Fashion, Marketing and Business, we met in London where we grew up witnessing the most colourful blend of cultures. The city, a beautiful melting pot of fabulous hues, where our professional and social lives brought us in direct contact with amazing people from very diverse backgrounds. Those differences helped us to see our similarities and the beauty that lay beneath.

The thought of working together began over coffee and our monthly catch-ups.

Our products show our style and our heart defines our contribution, created and sold alongside products bought on the market that we like and feel complement what we create.

Our support of children and Plan International- “Because I Am A Girl”  one of the biggest girl's rights campaign, Inspired our contribution to this cause. Click to view Our Cause

Thanks for joining us on this incredibe journey :-)

Sam, Jannika & Lisa